The Trak-1 Team’s dedication to serving others extends to our communities where we also share our expertise, our resources, our passions and our commitment to truth and transformation. We are proud of many organizations we have served and many things we have contributed over the years. We firmly believe in the concept of helping to transform lives by promoting truth and supporting informed decision-making. We believe that each of us plays a role in contributing to the lives of others in positive ways. Our contributions do not always put our names up in lights or in the press. Most of the Trak-1 Team makes a difference by serving others in what many would think of as being humble. This makes us all the more proud. In short, the Trak-1 Team is proud of the history of service that our team members have shown to others and we continue to support their efforts.

By way of simple example, we want to share with you a recent story of the Trak-1 Team coming together as one to make a difference in the lives of others. The Trak-1 Team consists of background screening professionals who sincerely believe that your past does not have to define your future. As a result, when our Trak-1 Leadership Team came into contact with the servant leaders at Mid-America Prison Ministries, they were quick to identify that they could help the Ministry have a transformative impact in the lives of prisoners and their families. To that end, the entire Team rallied around a year long effort that is still underway to consult with their leadership, update some of their business practices, develop their website, provide web support for their organization and generally speaking take their ministry into the modern world of digital technology. We are proud of the passion and commitment that our team members have shown as they contributed time and energy to this extra-curricular effort. Many team members “chipped in” with their speaking, writing, typing or other administrative skills when they had no digital or technology skills to offer. Our Leaders contributed on a personal as well as a corporate level while many Team members contributed their time and skills. We are proud of the impact we have been able to make for this ministry and we look forward to continuing to contribute in small and large ways over the years. If you are interested in joining us in our efforts, please reach out and let the Ministry know how you would like to help.

Over the years, the Trak-1 Team and its individual members have consistently been mindful to the needs of others and participate in philanthropy and volunteering, including being board members, participating in the steering committees of several non-profit organizations, and contributing to a wide variety of local, regional, national and international outreach efforts. A list of organizations and efforts impacted by the Trak-1 family’s energy, resources and efforts (i.e. more than just an annual membership) over the past 5 years include:

Educational Organizations – providing scholarships and other support related to access to education

  • Oral Roberts University
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Tulsa Public Schools
  • Holland Hall (Tulsa)
  • Heritage Hall (OKC)
  • Westminster Day School (OKC)

Organizations providing support for Health or Health Education

  • American Heart Association
  • American Diabetes Association
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Various local, individual Runs, Runners, Walks and Walkers

Other Community Organizations based in Tulsa

  • Tulsa Sports Charities
  • Tulsa Zoo Friends
  • Philbrook Art Museum
  • Tulsa Public Schools
  • Gilcrease Art Museum
  • Various individual local, regional and national artists

Business Organizations

  • National Association for Professional Background Screeners
  • American Staffing Association
  • Oklahoma Human Resource Council
  • Tulsa Area Human Resource Council
  • Medical Group Management Association of Oklahoma
  • Nonprofit Risk Management Center
  • Various Chambers of Commerce
  • Various Medical Group Management Associations

Organizations providing support for Women and Children

  • YMCA of Tulsa
  • Resonance
  • Big Brothers & Big Sisters
  • American Heart Association
  • Mental Health Association of Tulsa

Organizations providing Faith-Based Ministry or Missions

  • Mid-America Prison Ministry
  • Victory Christian Center
  • First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa
  • Redeemer Covenant Church of Tulsa
  • Life Church of Tulsa
  • Cornerstone Church
  • Entrusting Truth
  • Various Individual Missionaries