Our Commitment

Trak-1’s team of screening, people management, online training, talent assessment and technology professionals are dedicated to serving our customers.  We are a team of individuals who are committed to living by the Golden Rule.  This means we strive to always treat others as we would like to be treated.  With Excellence at the hallmark of all we do, we deliver Solution-Oriented services designed to help you.  When obstacles get in the way, our team of Solution Providers never give up and give you just what you need.

Consumer Commitment

At the heart of what you have us deliver for you is an individual person (or consumer) – an applicant, an employee, independent contractor, tenant, volunteer, board member and more.  In everything we do to help you, we make our own commitment to those people that make a difference to you.   The Trak-1 team offers these statements of what we believe as an organization and as individual team members.

We believe a person’s past does not define their future.

We believe a person’s future is defined not simply by where they have been but how they have responded to their reality, what they are doing now, and what direction they are going.

We believe organizations should make informed decisions.

We believe all factors about an individual – past, present and potential for future – as well as all factors about the circumstances of the decision itself – should be considered by an organization.

We believe in background screening as a means of reducing risk, improving performance and increasing the number at the bottom line.

We believe a blanket determination that “using information about a person’s past equates to discrimination” is as detrimental to our society and damaging as a blanket determination that “a person with a bad past should not be considered”.

We believe quality information is important to quality decision making.

We believe in giving people information and access to information so they can make quality decisions.

We believe in delivering truth for transformation, constantly making progress and improvements, and always delivering excellence in what we do.

Bottom line, while others give you a sales speech, we simply tell you and show you not only what we can do but what we actually do every day, day in and day out, for everyone we serve.

Our Core Values

Every team member is asked to make a commitment to our core values as a company.  We are truthful and honest in all we say and do, always determining to deliver and receive facts with integrity.   We treat all people, organizations and authorities with respect.  We are accountable for what we say and do, both to individuals we serve as well as to our teams and the company as a whole. We operate according to a team mindset, always being mindful of how to strengthen ourselves, others and the organization.  We are self-motivated to be responsive to the needs of others and to act with a servant’s heart.  This means we strive to be timely and communicative in our responses, flexible when change arises, respectful of everyone and professional in the manner and the way we choose to respond.  We are knowledgeable about what we say and do, and yet we are always open to collaborating with others so that we can learn more and be stronger.  We are a single minded, fun-loving, innovative, passionate, hard-working team, headed in one direction, as one team with one goal.