A Brief History

Since 1996, the Trak-1 team has been delivering proprietary Web-based solutions designed to promote informed decision making through background screening. While technology, bulk data delivery, data management and compliance have all come a long way since those early years, Trak-1 has consistently stayed ahead of or even set the curve as we continually deliver innovation and customization that is designed to help deliver higher quality information to our clients so they can make better and faster informed decisions.

Originally headquartered in Houston, Texas, Trak-1 underwent an ownership change in 2005 which resulted in a relocation of its headquarters to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  In the first five years after that ownership change, the company tripled in size.   While the first decade resulted in multiple operational and manual processing centers across the country giving rise to non-standard processes and service level arrangements.  With the change in ownership, all operational and manual processing was relocated to the new corporate headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma by the end of 2008.  Standardizing the processes, implementing compliance and risk mitigation from initial on-boarding of the client to delivery of a report and re-designing every facet of the proprietary screening platforms was completed as well during that time.

From 2010 to 2015, the company released three new proprietary screening and/or people processing platforms, complied and released their own national datasets (which they continue to manage and grow today), and ultimately led the way in the industry for introducing and delivering verified reporting to clients all across the country.  During this time, Trak-1 also achieved national accreditation from the National Association for Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and implemented mandatory FCRA Certification for every single individual involved in the background screening reporting, platforms, services or processes.

While the first twenty years of the company history have been marked by the professional leadership and innovation role Trak-1 and its owners have taken in the industry, the next decade is likely to be defined by the transformational impact that Trak-1 has on organizations and people’s lives.

The New Frontier

As the years have passed, Trak-1’s technology and data management advances have resulted in our clients believing enough in us to ask for our help in delivering innovative solutions to their organizations.   In the process, we have made further advances to our own proprietary solutions while we have developed new proprietary solutions to meet our clients’ and our strategic collaborative partners’ needs.

With an eye towards responding to the concerns of both companies and consumers, the Trak-1 Team strives to innovate and improve the way it delivers information, the platforms through which it promotes informed decision making, and the solutions it offers for instigating transformation.

Today, we are actively delivering proprietary and collaborative solutions that include integrated people management, online training, people tracking and mobilization, talent assessment, social collaboration and self-publishing of transformation tools.

As we finish off the second decade of our company’s existence, we have restated our vision for the future, our mission that keeps us on track, and some simple statements designed to describe who we are, what we do and what we believe.    We hope these statements initiate a desire in you to join us as we pave our way into the next Trak-1 frontier

Regardless of what the future holds, we are sure to continue down a path of constantly improving and always evolving progress as we walk hand-in-hand with the clients we serve.

The Humble Beginnings

Trak-1 was originally founded in 1996 by a husband and wife couple located in Houston, Texas.   With a proprietary platform they developed from scratch (now affectionately and simply known to the Trak-1 family as “version 1.0”) and a host of data resources they discovered and uncovered, Trak-1 (then known as “Trackers, Inc.”) was born.  Although that original platform was ultimately completely retired in 2010 and replaced by the current platform which was originally released in 2006, it served as the core of the early growth years of the company.

The Franchise Model of the Early Years

From 1996-2001, Trak-1 grew through a series of geography based franchising efforts.  The results were phenomenal.  The organization rapidly grew to serving clients in over 25 states while establishing a number of operational, service and sales centers across the country.  Although the franchises ultimately were purchased, closed or converted to licensing agreements in later years, the early growth of the company was due in large part to the exposure that franchising offered.

Ownership Change

As with any fast growing company, change in leadership was needed in order for the company to forge ahead and achieve its higher purposes.  In 2005, a significant ownership change took place that resulted in new leadership at every level.   While remaining privately held, the change initiated a relocation of the corporate headquarters from Houston, Texas to Tulsa, Oklahoma.   Additionally, it resulted in a complete makeover of the culture of the organization as well as the unveiling of a new proprietary platform and data delivery solution for its customers as well as its internal teams.  While the customer-oriented focus remained, compliance, documentation and standardization of processes became a core theme.  Building the foundation solid so that growth can be supported has been central to the new mindset in the corporate offices of the organization.

New State of the Art Proprietary Screening Delivery Platform

Re-architecting the core platform was the starting point for solidifying the foundation of the company. Under the new ownership group, Trak-1 launched its new platform in stages from 2005-2008 and grew to serve organizations in all 50 states while tripling its annual revenue streams.    While the franchised operational centers were ultimately eliminated through purchase or otherwise, Trak-1 retained its highest quality regional sales and/or service offices remaining in a number of locations across the country.  During this time, Trak-1 continued to reinvest the profits of its labor to ensure that it continually delivered new innovations, improved data, customized solutions and higher standards for service to organizations in need of resident/tenant screening, employee screening and volunteer screening solutions.  Upgrades and new developments are released regularly to enhance the client experience, respond to customer needs or improve compliance as regulatory changes dictate.

Consolidation of Operations To Establish Performance and Compliance Improvements

By 2008, Trak-1 implemented significant operational and compliance processes that dramatically improved the quality of what was being delivered, how it was being delivered and the system and data security protections in place for both clients and consumers.    During this time, Trak-1 continued to realize significant growth and to establish itself as a leader in the consumer reporting industry.

Innovations and Collaborations

While 2008-2010 proved difficult for many organizations in America as a result of one of the greatest economic setbacks this country has seen in nearly 30 years, Trak-1 overcame each challenge it faced while continuing to realize stable growth year over year notwithstanding the deterioration of the job, housing and credit markets.   National and global economic challenges and internal team changes notwithstanding, Trak-1 launched its own proprietary national criminal database solution in 2009 (Core Data Source) and a new proprietary people management and mobilization solution (Smart-Trak) in 2010.  Meanwhile, the Trak-1 internal team was hard at work re-designing their internal controls and operational teams to ensure that they could support the growth and rising standards for performance.

Enhanced Business Process through Collaborations and Customized Integrations

During this time, the Trak-1 Team was asked to help enhance the business processes of several innovative and rising job board and online staffing delivery solutions so that they could realize their dreams of national growth and reach.  Always interested in helping to fulfill the dreams of our strategic partners, the Trak-1 Team helped re-design the work flows of these innovative strategic partners while achieving screening integrations that would improve the quality of the services they delivered.   The result has been phenomenal with improvements having been made to these online staffing solutions and services.

Accreditation and Advocacy

In 2012, Trak-1 was the 24th company in the country to be accredited by the National Association for Professional Background Screeners.  With key leaders in the organization having served on the Board of NAPBS and on its Best Practices Committee and Background Screening Credentialing Council, Trak-1 has been a strong advocate for protecting consumer rights and improving standards for background screening not only within the consumer reporting industry but within the wide variety of industries that make use of our services to improve their decision making.

Over the years, Trak-1 has proudly delivered its proprietary background screening solutions to tens of thousands of organizations across America and answers over 1 million individual inquiries for information annually for the purpose of helping over 400,000 people a year secure employment, housing, volunteer positions, credentials and more.

With a passion for promoting improved business practices designed to protect consumer rights while supporting informed decision-making, Trak-1 has established itself as an advocate for accessible information, informed decision making, protection of people and providing opportunities for transformation.

2015 and Beyond

The owners, executives and leadership team of Trak-1 continue to look ahead and determine ways that they can continue to innovate and develop a long-term vision and future for the organization and the background screening industry.  In addition to deepening existing collaborations and broadening its platform reach through new platform integrations, consumer-initiated screening and monitoring, continuous monitoring and threat assessment, enhanced algorithm and scoring features and improved human analysis are all a part of where Trak-1 is headed as we look to the future.   Finding strategic collaborative partners that are like-minded in the fields of risk reduction and security enhancement, determined in the area of compliance, and focused on the information needs of clients continues to be a part of our envisioned future.   Identifying clients who are seeking ways to improve how they rule in the right people remains at the heart of our growth efforts.