4 Statistics That Will Make You Want to Start Background Screening

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Maybe you have made the decision that your organization needs to participate in background screening, or maybe you have made the opposite decision. Regardless, it is imperative that you understand [...]

Avoid the Risk of a Negligent Retention Claim

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At an ever increasing rate, companies are implementing a background screening process into their hiring process – this occurrence raises the question of why? Why are companies perpetuating the trend [...]

3 Steps to Getting Rid of Fear in the Hiring Process

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When you are hiring, is fear a primary motivation for diving into the history of an applicant? Starting off your hiring process with fear as your motivation is a dangerous [...]

5 Ways Your Landlord Will Check Your History

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Landlords have many tools available to them when it comes to determining whether an applicant is eligible to rent a particular property. Use the five following suggestions to help bring [...]

What Should a Landlord Do With a Residential Screening Report?

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The first thing a landlord should do is to properly restrict access to and prevent wrongful disclosure of a tenant screening report.  This is because credit and consumer reports can [...]

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Updating a Tenant’s Report

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Once a tenant relationship exists, the landlord should follow a written policy describing the circumstances under which the landlord will be allowed to run an updated report on the tenant [...]

The Best FCRA Description for Landlords

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By choosing to background screen a prospective tenant, a landlord chooses to be subject to the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), along with a host of state and local [...]

How Can You Reduce Risk by Taking Risks?

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Every organization is full of risk and no business can completely avoid all risk.   In fact, some degree of risk taking is essential to achieve success in a business.  If [...]

The Power of AKA

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Hello, my name is Matthew, but you can call me Matt or Mateo or Mateus or Matevz or any of 25 other variations.  Actually Matthew is my middle name, which [...]

Imagine Your People

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A beginning step for any great background screening program is to imagine the kind of people that you want to be in your organization, in your volunteer position, in your [...]